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Another Book about digital portfolios in education

We are pleased to inform that it is already available here the last publication of the project Digifolio, mainly organised with texts coming from the International Seminar: e-Portefolio in Education. Practices and reflections.



An International Seminar about e-Portfolios

a voyage of knowledge

Welcome to the website of the International Seminar about Digital Portfolios in Education!

The Socrates Comenius 2.1 Project ”Digital Portfolio as a strategy for teachers’ professional development” organised a two days seminar focussed on the use of digital portfolios for educational purposes. The seminar was held in Helsinki, Finland, from May, 22 to 24, 2008.

Download the Conference Brochure for all the information [pdf, 290Kb]
Download the scientifique Programme [272Kb]

The planned conferences and paper presentations taked place during the voyage to Stockholm allowing seminar.

Socrates program



Final list of participants registrated [86]

ABRAMI, Philip C. – Canada
AFONSO, Cristovalina – Portugal
AGERBAEK, Lise – Denmark
ALBUQUERQUE COSTA, Fernando – Portugal
ALMEIDA, Carlos – Portugal
AWOUTERS, Valère – Belgium
AZEVEDO, Constança – Portugal
AZEVEDO, Manuel Maria – Portugal
BARBAS, Maria Santa Clara – Portugal
BLASCO QUÍLEZ, Teresa – Spain
BRINK, Erik van den – The Netherlands
BRITO, Cátia – Portugal
BURGUETE, Maria – Portugal
BUTS, Sonja – Belgium
CAMPICHE, Jean – Portugal
CARRAPIÇO, Fernando – Portugal
CASANOVA, Juan – Spain
CAUTER, Véronique Van – Belgium
CONDE, Eduarda – Portugal
COSTA, Cristina – Scotland
CRUZ, Elisabete – Portugal
DAMÁSIO, Jorge – Portugal
DAVID, Johan – Belgium
DAXKOBLER, Thomas – Sweden
DENS, Gust – Belgium
DIAS, Maurício – Portugal
EILE, Herbert – Sweden
ELLMIN, Roger – Sweden
ESPÍRITO-SANTO, Ondina – Portugal
EXELMANS, Eddy – Belgium
FELLNER, Dominik – Czech Republic
FRIAS, Sónia – Spain
GARCIA, Marta – Portugal
GOMES, Maria João – Portugal
GONÇALVES, Gil-Manuel – Portugal
GUIMARÃES, Idalina – Spain
HAAPANEN, Paula – Finland
HELMS, Niels Henrik – Denmark
JACOBS, Lieven – Belgium
JANS, Ruben – Belgium
JANS, Sebastiaan – Belgium
JARVINEN, Mirja – Finland
JONNIAUX, Stefaan – Belgium
KETTUNEN, Eero-Pekka – Finland
KOBLIHOVÁ, Helena – Czech Republic
KOIVISTO, Jukka – Finland
KUITTINEN, Esko – Finland
LARANJEIRO, Maria – Portugal
LOPES, Lurdes – Portugal
LOUREIRO, Maria José – Portugal
LUCIANO, Maria Teresa – Portugal
MARQUES, Cidália – Portugal
MARQUES, Domitila – Portugal
MARQUES, Manuel – Portugal
MATA MELO, Julio – Spain
MOLENAERS, Ria – Belgium
MONIZ, Marisa – Portugal
NASCIMENTO, Mª Augusta – Portugal
PACHECO, Nuno – Portugal
PACHECO, Teresa – Portugal
PARTHOENS, Bruno – Belgium
PÁSCOA, Rui – Portugal
PEDROSO, José VÍtor – Portugal
PENSO, Carlos – Portugal
PERALTA, Helena – Portugal
PERSSON, Magnus – Sweden
PESSOA, Teresa – Portugal
SAMPAIO, Ana Cristina – Portugal
SANTOS, Paula – Portugal
SCHROOTEN, Jan – Belgium
SEQUEIRA, Paula – Portugal
SEQUEIRA, Ana Margarida – Portugal
SERVAAS, Ben – Belgium
SANTOS, Maria Celeste – Portugal
SOUSA, João – Portugal
TOMÉ, António – Portugal
VALDIZÁN, Mª. Isabel – Spain
VARELA, Jesuína – Portugal
VARGAS, Montserrat – Spain
VIANA, Joana – Portugal
VIHERMAA, Kirsi-Mari – Finland
VIROLAINEN, Harri – Finland
VISEU, Alexandra – Portugal
WADE, Anne – Canada